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When it comes to activewear, do you always get what is promised? It is not surprising that many top-of-the-line brands of workout clothing are expensive. But, are these worth the premium? Melissa GorgaBegs to differ. In a recent Amazon Live session The Real Housewives of New Jersey Star said: “You probably know that many of the best workout clothes are extremely expensive.” Some leggings are so expensive that it’s a must-have for my daughter. But I researched. Amazon offers the best selection of leggings at a reasonable price and ships the next day.

The Bravolebrity really is just like the rest of us, admitting, “I buy so much from Amazon, it’s crazy.” The same here, girl. Melissa shared with Amazon customers that she was going to speak to them about her favorite leggings. These are so great and very affordable. 

Melissa can help you find affordable workout clothing.