Sebastian StanThis is a drastic transformation in your physical appearance. Tommy Lee was a difficult process.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly published March 9, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor shared details about how he transformed into the rock star for Hulu’s limited series, Pam & Tommy.

“IWas trying to lose weight and I still felt I didn’t lose enough weight,” the 39-year-old told the outlet. People were saying to me that I was insane and saying, “You have body dysmorphia now,” which is what I had always done.”

Sebastian, who often spends time gaining muscle for roles, like his Marvel character the Winter Soldier, told EW that he stopped working out for a period of time to lose as much weight as he could to resemble the lanky musician. He said, “I used to run and try to do 20,000 steps per day. Then I fasted for 16-18 hours each day.” And that’s quite impressive, particularly if youre stuck in traffic. It’s a proud moment for me.