Black PantherDirector Ryan Coogler was briefly detained by police in Atlanta earlier this year after being mistaken for a bank robber, and later received an apology from Bank of America.

Director, who was in town to film Wakanda Forever: Black Panther, told CelebHomes News on March 9, “This situation should never have happened. Bank of America worked together with me to address it to my satisfaction, and now we are moving on.”

CelebHomes News obtained a report from a police officer that stated that police were summoned to the branch in question to look into an alleged holdup on January 7. On arrival they found a car parked at their front, with an engine still running, as well as a man and woman inside. They told an officer that they were waiting for Coogler, a “movie producer,” who was making a money transaction. The cop asked the man for a description of Coogler and police said in the report that it matched the description of the male suspect that was “attempting to rob the Bank of America.”