There are vampires who willingly interact with the public while guising their true selves, and there are those who rarely reveal themselves, (or never at all). Robert Pattinson, the glistening star who helped bring you the five Twilight films, hid out in a two-story 5,292 sq ft estate in Beverly Hills in the fourth quarter of last year. There’s no telling whether he’s still sheltering himself in the rental or not. One thing is certain; he pulled it off nicely. It’s reported that there’s no record of the 5 bed and 6 bath house being listed for rent. Another thing that’s certain that Pattinson must come out of hiding at times, knowing that he is in the lineup of four upcoming movies.

The hidden white home sits in the 90210 area, boasting a lavishing exterior. Some parts of the house are lavishing as well. The entire place has a great balance of simple homey-ness and high class living. A fairly spacious southern-style balcony can be found on the second floor which overlooks a swimming pool and a trimmed lawn-based lounging area. Other amenities that are at one’s disposal: fireplace, big restaurant-style cooking vent, double-stacked stainless steel oven, library room, and bar/lounge room.

Address: Unknown