This is a 2-in-1 ultrasonic skincare device that unclogs pores and helps infuse your favorite skincare products. The device is able to deep clean pores and remove blackheads. This set includes the DERMAPORE device, a protective cap, a device stand, a USB charging cord, and a user manual. Three colors are available for the DERMAPORE.

A skincare enthusiast shared, “This PSA is coming from the girl who does ALL the face masks, has tried ALL of those extractor tools, & is pretty much obsessed with washing my face: YOUR SKIN ISNT AS CLEAN AS YOU THINK When I received this Dermaflash in the mail I thought, ‘lol I literally use that black head strip every other night. It’s all gone. & here I am slightly disgusted but satisfied at all of the gunk that came off of my nose in just a few minutes. All you do is wet your face with warm water & let this magic machine do what it does best: CLEAN… My fave part is that there’s no pulling or hurting your face in the process Just some vibration.”

One person shared the following: “Have used this product twice since I bought it last week. I can feel a big difference in my skin’s texture and cleanliness. Can see the gunk come off my face, and I’ve used it with serum too.” 

The device is available in black, pink and mint.