Sarah Paulson We won’t let anyone down Beanie Feldstein‘s parade. 

This month the BooksmartStar announced her intention to step down as the leading actress in the Funny GirlBroadway revival happened sooner than anticipated, and she officially resigned on July 31. Beanie was fired in response to Beanie’s sudden departure and some critical reviews. American Crime Story: Impeachment co-star and friend Sarah Paulson is giving her two cents on the situation. 

“The only thoughts I have are that I saw it twice and I thought that Beanie was remarkable,” the actress explained during an Aug. 10 episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. She was extraordinary, I thought.

Sarah loved Beanie’s show so much that she actually went twice to support her friend.

She said that she was “extraordinary on opening night”. She said, “I returned to her in June right after COVID. “I went to her first performance after she wasn’t on the stage in over 10 days. It was amazing.