It feels like Christmas was early because of this casting news. 

David KrumholtzIn 1994, he played the grumpy but highly effective Bernard the Elf.Santa ClauseIn the 2002 film’s sequel, he will reprise his role in Disney+. Santa ClausesAccording to Deadline.

Krumholtz and Krumholtz will be reunited Tim AllenAnd Elizabeth MitchellThey are taking a step back in the footsteps of Santa Claus (a.k.a. Scott Calvin), and Mrs. Claus (a.k.a. Carol Calvin

Santa ClausesAccording to the streamer, Scott is nearing his 65th birthday. He realizes that Santa can’t last forever. He’s losing his Santa magic and, more important, his family could be able to benefit from living in normal times, particularly his children, who grew up at North Pole.

Allen’s real-life child will play one of his children Elizabeth Allen-DickSandra will see her debut acting in the series. 

Santa ClausesStars are also available Kal PennRupali ReddDevin BrightAnd Matilda Lawler