You think you are able to outwit the system? Leah Remini?

The New You think you can dance? judge shared some words of wisdom with her followers following weeks of criticism from viewers who think she, well, can’t dance.

“For the one guy who’s like…. “Why is Leah Remini judged a dance competition?” She said it in an Instagram Video on July 26, 2017. “Because I am! “Because I am! I enjoy dancing and have been doing ballroom dance for over a decade. My own dance studio is my home, where I teach ballroom, chacha, rumba and jive.

But even if she couldn’t dance, would it really matter? She said that she was having fun, but not as a professional dancer.

Plus, the show is testing the contestant’s ability to entertain, and “that’s what I’m judging,” Leah said. Just let me have fun with it! Also, the woman should live.