Beloved SanditonCharacter has met her tragic end already. 

Charlotte SpencerAccording to PBS, Esther will no longer be played by Judith, who was the main character in the PBS drama’s initial two seasons. Television Line

Season Two of SanditonThe e-mail address is: Jane Austen‘s unfinished novel, which found Esther suffering from laudanum poisoning at the hands of Edward (Jack FoxIt was an encouraging ending for a character often criticized. Esther was previously told that she couldn’t have any children by her miscarriage, and so was forced to take care of Clara.Lily SacofskyAfter she had left Sanditon, she gave birth to a baby. 

After Esther got her happy ending, the writing was on paper for Esther’s departure.

“I think she is happy where she left her at season 2,” Sanditon showrunner Justin YoungDecider told Decider that Esther was happy to be married and has a beautiful child.