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Are you ready for summer yet? If you’re not quite there yet, we’ve got a sale that’ll have you saying, “Hello summer!” This sale is a great opportunity to clear out your closet and get some new clothes. 

Kate Spade, a favourite of ours and yours, has an early summer sale/pre Memorial Day sales where you can enjoy up to 40% savings on all your purchases. This is a “buy more, save more” type sale where you can save up to 40% on your entire purchase. You can save 20% if you spend $200. $400 is 30%, $600, and 40% respectively. You can get your discount by entering the code HELLOSUMMER in checkout. 

Kate Spade thinks that this is a great deal, considering you can get many styles starting at $200. You can score 20% off at the very minimum. If you have more money, 40% discount on $600 equals $360. So you can get $600 worth of chic Kate Spade purses, summer dresses, jewelry, sandals for a little more than $350. Select new arrivals are included, so you can snag a chic straw bag you’ll be using all summer long. The sale also includes items on sale so that you get even greater savings on the item you love. It’s a great time to shop for summer staples that are trendy for the season. 

This is the best thing about this amazing sale: you get to enjoy it early. You’ll see that Kate Spade has yet to advertise the sale. However, you can still use the HELLOSUMMER discount code now. We highly recommend shopping now before everyone else does!

Below are our top picks for Kate Spade styles right now. You can check them out here.