Unlike Samuel L. JacksonPtolemy Grey seems to not place family above all else.

Indeed, Jackson’s latest character is looking to financially support a new caretaker Robyn (Dominique FishbackThis exclusive clip is from April 1, episode of Ptolemy Grey in the Last Days.

Ptolemy Jackson tells his lawyer that Robyn entered my life because I was in desperate need of someone to take care of me. Mo. I was in a very deep and dark pit. She helped me to get out. Her name was sort of my adoption. Robyn is my best friend. I’m more comfortable with her than my family.

Ptolemy’s lawyer questions how the family will respond to Robyn benefiting so greatly.

His lawyer asked, “I can understand your feelings about this girl. But do other people share your conviction?” He asks, “What is the likelihood they will contest?”

Ptolemy smiles, and replies “One-hundred Percent.”