Ryan SeacrestMore than the most recent news Winner of American Idol during the show’s season 20 finale on May 22.

The “embarrassing”, wardrobe mistake that the host suffered during May 22’s season finale was revealed by him to viewers who were able see beneath his trousers.

He joked, “Apparently America voted and stated there was anatomy within the shot,” on May 23, episode of Kelly and Ryan are here to help you. It was panic, but we did it.

As it turned out, after kicking off the live show’s start, his longtime stylist Miles Siggins, altered him of the issue. He said, “Can I tell You Something?” Ryan shared his memories with co-hosts. Kelly Ripa. I said: “What does it mean that we should change our underwear?” “

Miles gave Ryan his pair of backup shoes because he couldn’t find one. The 47-year old said, “Don’t worry. I got my,” He has shorter and tighter underwear because he is English. The underwear was elastic and tight.