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Passengers, prepare your skin for landing. If you’ve ever hopped off your plane when it lands in your destination and your skin feels dehydrated, dull, and tired, you’re not alone. You’re not alone. It can be especially annoying if there are vacation plans and work events. The dry climate in airplane cabins can strip moisture from your skin. 

Our skincare routines will be performed on airplanes this summer. You can have fun while getting your skin glowing when you arrive at your destination. And if you fully took advantage of your vacation, partied a little too hard, and stayed out all night (don’t we all?This will make your skin look refreshed so that you can return to work looking rested. 

From hydrating masks that will make you glow to under-eye masks that will ensure that the only bags that arrive at your destination are the ones you packed to pimple patches and more, scroll below for a full skincare routine with products from Sephora, Amazon, and more that you can do while you’re 36,000 feet in the air.