Katy PerryIt’s all about smiles RihannaThis is the new bundle of joy.

Talking to CelebHomes News American IdolRed carpet for season 20 of “Smile”, the singer said that she had “no advice” for first-time parents who were greeted by their baby boy with a boyfriend. A$AP RockyApril 19.

“I’m so happy for her and congratulations,” Perry told CelebHomes News. I know this is a precious time and it feels like a cozy, beautiful time. This is a magical, beautiful time. So take it all in.

Perry previously called becoming a parent to daughter Daisy Dove Bloom, 1, with fiancé Orlando Bloom“The best decision that I’ve ever made.”

Perry is also grateful for another important decision Being a judge American Idol. CelebHomes News spoke to her after she joined the series’ 2018 competition.

She shared that she feels so happy doing her job and being able give my knowledge and experience to the kids. It’s like giving them a ticket to the real lottery, which is like making a difference in their lives. It’s an unbelievable opportunity. “This show has the potential to change lives!”