Reynolds previously spoke out about his anxiety battles and shared how it has been something that he experienced as a child. He said, “I have three brothers.” Variety in 2017. Our father was tough. He was not easy to deal with. He was not easy to be around. The anxiety may have originated there. I believe he was trying to control himself by finding ways to control others. That was something I didn’t realize at the time. “I was just a twitchy child.” 

In an interview in 2018, he spoke out about it as well. The New York Times. He said that he has anxiety and had been anxious since childhood. Both in the mild ‘I am anxious about this’ sort of thing and at the more serious end. It isn’t fun.

And last May, Reynolds—who shares children James, 7, Inez5. BettyWith Blake Lively—wrote an Instagram post about his “lifelong pal, anxiety” in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. He said, “I’m not alone” and that, more important, it was for those who, like him, are overscheduled, anxious, worried, work too much, stress out, fret, overthink, panic, overwork, worry or do everything all the time, that they’re not alone.