Children can say some of the most outrageous things.

This was done earlier in the month Ryan Reynolds attended a screening for his new Netflix movie The Adam Project. While answering fans’ questions, the actor got a tough question he didn’t expect.

When a young boy grabbed the mic, he had a burning question on his mind: “In the scene where you were kissing the girl, was that real?” 

What does Reynolds think about Reynolds’ on-screen kiss? Zoe Saldana? He is going to be in need of a moment. “Whoa! This is the greatest Q&A ever,” he said after someone else jokingly questioned if Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively was throwing her voice to ask about the kissing scene. “Honey? What the f—k?”

“I suppose it was sorta, kinda real. How do you answer that? Reynolds continued. Reynolds said, “Is this also being broadcast all over the world?” “I didn’t it?” 

In all seriousness, the Deadpool star explained that even his own three daughters—James, 7, InezA 5-year-old, and a 2-year-old Betty—sometimes have questions about what their mom and dad do for work.