Holy Nicolas Cage, Batman!

Cage is available to perform batsuit, er, egg costume? He premiered his film on March 12th. The uncontrollable weight of massive talent the 58-year-old actor revealed that he would like to star as the villain Egghead—known as the world’s smartest criminal—in a potential sequel to BatmanAccording to Variety

“We have this brand new [movie with] Robert Pattinson as the Batman, which I’m excited to see. “I haven’t yet seen it, but I believe he would make a great Batman,” Cage stated at SXSW. Cage said at SXSW, “The villain that Vincent PriceEgghead is a 1960s TV show.

Cage stated, “I feel I can make this man absolutely frightening.” Cage continued, “And I’ve got a plan for Egghead. Let Warner Bros. know that I am available for Egghead.

Warner Bros., you heard him. He is not Egg yolking around!