Many Western countries, including the United States, have placed sanctions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.  Sanctions were imposed. financial restrictionsThey are imposed on a country to punish them for certain acts.  They can be used to penalize a country for taking certain actions.  The United States of America and allies have placed restrictions on Russian banks’ ability to receive and make payments from foreign countries. 

Because of its prominence in international commerce, the United States is able to impose more sanctions than any other country.  Google and Disney, two of the largest American corporations, have stopped all Russian operations. Any U.S. business with Russia operations cannot invest capital or make profits in Russia.  The United States also banned Russian oil and gas imports and stopped certain technology exports from Russia. 

While Russia’s economy is certainly taking a hit, the impact of these sanctions can be felt worldwide. Because Russia and Ukraine provide most of these resources, the price of fuel and grains has risen dramatically.  The average U.S. gallon price was $4.42 on May 12th, an all-time record.  Stock market prices have dropped dramatically, the worst April in many decades.  The stock market has also fallen sharply for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, although we can expect them to recover and use it in innovative ways.

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