South African Rugby Star Jannie du PlessisThe baby boy, Jan NathaniëlA drowning accident in the swimming pool at her home caused death.

The death of the 10-month old occurred on Tuesday, November 16, as his family celebrated the 39th anniversary of their athlete friend at Krugersdorp. Police have confirmed to multiple outlets that the child drowned in their pool and that they are investigating the case.

Police were summoned to an incident of drowning that saw a baby boy aged 10 months, who fell into the swimming pool, on 16 November at approximately 7 p.m. According to a police report, The Times of London.

We, the Lions family are not doing well. “I can confirm this tragedy occurred,” said Chief Executive of Du Plessis’ team, the Lions. Rudolf Straeuli told South African website Sport24. We are all distraught.”