UPDATE: A federal judge dismissed Rose McGowanA lawsuit against a defendant Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Blooma number of defendants for violating Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. According to the documents obtained by CelebHomes News, McGowan’s claim was “dismissed on the merits and with prejudice” against all defendants on Monday, Dec. 6. 

The civil minutes state that Plaintiff had not yet filed a brief to respond to today’s Court Order and Minute Order. Plaintiff is therefore deemed have consented to the two points she was allowed to raise in her supplemental brief. The Court finds that Plaintiff cannot adequately plead her RICO claim. 

McGowan previously submitted a motion to withdraw her legal representation on Nov. 24, filing to terminate the attorney-client relationship. CelebHomes News reached her representative for comment but has not received a response.

Following the lawsuit’s dismissal, a spokesperson for Weinstein stated, “Out of the public glare, with proper time, legal work, evidence and facts, this is the way we believe they ultimately will all go. The chapter is over, but Weinstein will continue to show the truth.