Do you know of any other way that we could veto this? 
After two more years of relationship, actress Rosario Dawson and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker have gone their separate ways, a source confirmed to CelebHomes News, sharing that the pair are “still friends.” (Sen. Booker’s office refused to comment.
The 42-year old A Great Person actress and Booker, 52, first met in 2018 at a political fundraiser, but the sparks didn’t immediately fly. Months later, the two reconnected and that’s when, the lawmaker revealed to the Washington Post in 2019, the two “talked for hours and hours.”
Booker said to the outlet that Dawson was his first concern when he asked for Booker’s number. “I’m sure I said something stupid, like, ‘Uh? How would you get in touch with me?’,” Booker stated. He told the outlet. He said, “And she graciously spoke up and asked for my number.” “And she mercifully said something like, Oh, you want my phone number?’ And I was like, Hell!