Out with the heart-shaped jewelry and The handwritten letters of love are a great way to express your feelings.

16 available bachelors are more romantic than “romance.” DuelingOne woman’s heart! NBC’s new series about fantasy dating. The Courtship, premieres March 6. And now, in an CelebHomes exclusive first look on Valentine’s Day, we get to meet the suitors that will be vying for Nicole Remy‘s heart.

Hosting by Rick Edwards, the series follows Nicole, a modern girl tired of modern dating, who is transported back to Regency-era England in the hope of finding love. The series’ description states that 16 suitors will fight to win Nicole’s affection in a magnificent 19th-century castle set amid rolling hills of England. 

And from carriage rides and masquerade balls to archery and fencing, this show sounds like something out of the Regency-era fan fiction of our dreams! In order to win Nicole’s heart, the pursuers will say goodbye to modern-day sensibilities and swap them for grand-courting gestures of the past.