Romeo MillerI am remembering the legacy of his deceased sister.
It was almost two months later Tytyana MillerThe tragic death of’s mother, Growing up Hip HopStar wrote a heartfelt tribute to her sibling, in celebration of her birthday.
Romeo wrote, “25 years adventure, 2.5 decade of sweet memories. 309 months making your siblings smile. 9,430 days making your parents proud.” Romeo captioned an August 1 Instagram video that featured his sister and their families. “226,320 Hours of love, joy and growth. Most importantly: 1 life filled with love, joy and growth. The days when I just throwback to my childhood are the best. Mariah CareyYou can just feel out in your car and that’s all I will do today. You are loved in all ways by your big brother.”

Romeo added, “God has one of the most coolest and kindest people up there right now.” Happy Happy Bday, Romeo!
Romeo und dad will be married in May. Master PTytyana’s passing caused their loved ones to feel overwhelmed.