The Brown family is experiencing tensions. 

COVID-19 strict rules set forth by Kody Brown to his and ChristineAlthough the Browns have split since the outbreak, they’ve had to deal with many difficulties during this time. CelebHomes News has a sneak peak at the upcoming event. Sister Wives Robyn, an emotion-filled Robyn shares how the virus affected her family’s dynamics. 

Janelle and Christine found Kody’s rules—which prohibited go to movie theaters, bars, fitness centers and restaurants—unrealistic, and it created a rift within the family. Robyn of the Clip says, “I understand exactly what Kody was trying to do.” While I can understand the sentiments of Janelle and Christine, I also felt like we could have mated these two. “I felt that this was the family culture we had built, and that we are destroying it.”

Host Sukyana KrishnanShe asks “So they not being able a solution, which can bring everybody together, was in any way, destroying your plural family?” 

Robyn says, “In the beginning it wasn’t that way.” It was my thought that this would end eventually. But, you know what? We are still at the beginning.