Chaos thanks to Craig Conover.

It Southern CharmStar arrives at the Summer House on Monday’s all-new episode, and based on this sneak-peek clip, he’s hell-bent on stirring up major drama.

Craig speaks to us in the teaser. Lindsay HubbardShe explained that she is simply trying to be a “good friend” for others. Paige DeSorboAfter meeting on Bravo, he started dating his girlfriend,. Winter House

She asked me: “Is Kristen hooking with someone?” Austen [Kroll]Craig? Lindsay continues, with a reference: Kristin CavallariWho is the? Southern CharmThey met in person last year. However, she denies rumors that they were hooking up. Lindsay seemed to confirm that Lindsay was “like Craig”.

Lindsay isn’t too upset to hear it. Instead, he said that Paige and me can be friends with anyone. “We’re all fine with it.”

But, this doesn’t appear to be true when Paige, clearly upset, heads upstairs. Craig shouts “Paige! Lindsay will get into your head and you’ll be weaker than you thought.