Robin RobertsKnows all too well the value of having great support systems when faced with cancer. 
On February 24, Good Morning America anchor revealed that she will be stepping away from the morning show from time to time to support her partner Amber Laign as she goes through chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. 
“My sweet Amber wanted to me tell you about something that she has been going through. Robin, aged 61, posted the video to Twitter. She said that Amber was diagnosed last year with breast cancer. She had her surgery in the last month, and will start chemotherapy this morning.
The GMA anchor said the prognosis was good and she and Amber were thankful to their close friends and family for keeping the diagnosis private until they were ready to share with the public. 

Robin explained, “She has been with me for nearly 17 years. She and I have shared our experiences through my struggles such as my battle with cancer.” “It is now that I have to support her in the same way she supported me.”