If you are interested inIt is reallyIf you want to be a little bit crazy, take a look at Anders Holm‘s Instagram inbox.

It The WorkaholicCelebHomes’s latest episode featured an appearance by an alum Down in the DMs, revealing all sorts of strange messages, from “creepy” audio recordings to the seemingly seductive (which have ramped up after he recently “set the Internet on fire” with a speedo selfie). 

That said, Holm mostly sticks to chatting with his friends, whether that’s in the group message he shares with Adam DevineAnd Blake AndersonOder as part his ongoing dialogue with the Chicago Bears Kyle Long.

Holm described Long’s initial reaching out as “it spawned to something fantastic”. He must have been looking. The WorkaholicsAnd he was like, “I bet you can beat me at a swim race.” You said, “Let’s do it.”

The chat soon “evolved into mama jokes,” Holm recalled. “Like, ‘Your mom rides a lawnmower to school,’ whatever it is. Only the stupidest and dumbest.