Jay Z may be atop the Empire State building and living large. But, like most of us, he once lived small. The big-time rapper/record producer/businessman was born as Shawn Carter in Brooklyn, NY. While growing up, he resided in a quaint 2 bed and 1.5 bath 10th floor apartment on State St. Now that he grew out of it by far, Jay-Z decided to revisit his old neighborhood. It’s reported that he was welcomed by the previous owners of the cozy 1,045 sq ft home and took a stroll down memory lane. During his little walk, he pointed out how his old hood changed. Lets hope that he wasn’t surprised!

The holy grail of all Brooklyn apartments is currently being sold at $870,000. It boasts sleek luminous hardwood floors. Duplex includes washer, dryer, and a furnished kitchen. The kitchen’s actually interestingly tucked into a corner of the living room, and is relatively small. Stainless steel appliances and island wooden table w/ marble countertop make up for the kitchen’s size. Other amenities include centralized air conditioning, mass transportation, and an LIRR terminal.

Address: 560 State St Apt 10C, Brooklyn NY 11217