Fake crocodiles and fake diamonds are the best way to say “I do”. WhoooleA lot of black. 

Enjoy this sneak peak of My Celebrity Dream WeddingWedding planner Lance DevereauxIs looking for gifts Jackie Antoine the wedding of their dreams And stay under budget. Lance shares his vision for Love and Lyrics with roses and candles and an entirely black display.

So, how about a few picture frames in a tunnel? His fellow wedding designer. Tori Williams scoffs. 

Honey, they are not custom displays. Lance answers. Lance replies, “Clean modern and elegant. Kind of like…” Gabby [Union] and Dwayne [Wayde]. I kind of got the vision.” 

He continues, “I do want to do a beautiful black acrylic aisle. We want to do black acrylic pedestals. The pedestals will be covered in candles, a beautiful clean acrylic back drop on top of a black stage.” 

So lots of black acrylic? It was done.