While the world continues its mourning for the loss, Bob SagetOne of his children is sharing the last memories she has with him.

January 9, 2009 Aubrey SagetA screenshot was posted by a 34-year-old woman of the last text message her father sent before his death. It appeared that the note was sent before his last stand-up comedy performance in Florida, Jan. 8.

“Thank u. You are loved. Showtime!” Bob responded to an earlier text message sent by his oldest daughter. Bob is also the father Lara32. JenniferEx-wife, he has a 29 year old son named Jeremy. Sherri Kramer.

After the Saget family issued a statement about the death of their beloved father, the screenshot was first posted on Aubrey’s personal Instagram account. Voll House star.

The family announced that Bob, their beloved husband and father, died today. We loved Bob and wanted to let you know that he was our everything. He performed live for thousands of people and brought laughter to all walks of the life.