In November, tragedy struck. While Travis performed onstage at his Astroworld Festival in Houston, a crowd crush killed 10 people, including a 9-year-old boy. The rapper and Kylie, who watched the concert with Stormi, expressed remorse for the victims and said they were unaware of fatalities until reports came out later.

After the tragic incident Travis and Kylie decided to stay out of the limelight, and Kylie focused on their preparations for the birth of their second child.

CelebHomes News was informed by a close source that Kylie has been “hanging out with her family, and some close friends” and is currently nesting for the birth of her baby. She said that Travis has stood by her side throughout her pregnancy and was very supportive. Both have been close and supportive of each other throughout their relationship.

Kylie shared a New Year’s Eve photo and wrote: “As the year 2022 draws near, I’ve been reflecting back on the last year, both the blessings and also the many heartaches.” I will not forget the year that brought me so many significant life changes.