It comes down to this: We think none of it. Euphoria They belong together.

We would likely advise these teenagers to put their trust in themselves and not in their partners if we had the chance. And maybe we’d warn Cassie (Sydney SweeneyMaddy (Alexa Demie) that Nate (Jacob ElordiHe sees darkness. We are not counselors. EuphoriaHigh and This is a Fictional Show

We’ve decided to rank the couples in a range of health and toxicity (we are sure that you’ll guess which one falls within the former category). Because, lets face it, these couple can’t be considered shining examples of how love should look. 

In just one and a half seasons, we’ve seen these characters cheat on each other and endure appalling emotional and physical abuse, none of which should be applauded or glorified. But as Eric Dane recently told CelebHomes News, this show is more a “cautionary tale” than it is an aspirational story.