Richard with his wife back in 2018. Mary ForrestIn an interview on, he spoke openly about his son’s health. Today. Henry’s diagnosis was revealed to the couple at the time. Richard said that they decided to have a complete genetic scan after Henry had been to several doctors.

“I called the doctor and he said, ‘We found something and It’s very, very severe and it’s lifelong, not treatable,” Richard said, later adding, “It was the worst day of my life.”

Richard recounts better times since that time, and the family has remained strong despite all odds.

Richard wrote this essay. TodayPublication in 2019: The chief foreign correspondent of NBC News shared the story that Henry had first called Henry “Dada”,

“I finally got a ‘Dada,” he wrote. “It was a long time coming, which made it all the sweeter — an unexpected reward.”

Richard said later that a “little Dada” may seem insignificant to parents who have children with a high level of development. For me it was validation. It meant he knew me. He knows my mother. I know that we are good forces in his life. Most importantly, he loved us.

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