This saxophone player will not be stopped by any means. America’s Got Talent stage.

Avery DixonThe emotional performance of’s on-air performance during the premiere season 17 America’s Got TalentOn May 31, Served as host Terry Crewsto tears and delivered the Brooklyn Nine-Nine The golden buzzer will be pressed by the actor. 

Terry said, on the way backstage to his seat at the judges’ table, “There’s not need to vote!” 

His words were, “Avery Dixon. Your kindness touched every soul in the building.” You’ve been bullied throughout your entire life. I just want you to know that Terry Crews, your big brother, is right here and will always be there for you. You’re going to succeed my friend.

Avery (21 years old) shared his story before his performance. He was bullied in elementary school because of the shape and voice of his head.