Same shocking antics in the new year.

On the January 2nd episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Mary Cosby came under fire for racially insensitive comments she had made in the previous episode about co-star Jennie NguyenThese are Mary’s facial features. Mary’s “slanted” eyes were brought up by Jennie. Mary answered, “I don’t mean any harm.” It’s like a compliment for me. 

In the previous episode, Mary also referenced Jennie’s skin tone, calling it “yellow,” and on the Jan. 2 episode imitated the Vietnamese-American’s accent.  

Jennie stated, “You’re an adult. You have to take responsibility. There is much hatred towards Asians right now. Accept responsibility for what you say.”

Mary finally apologized for her actions and stated that she would never again walk on the same path. I apologize.” 

However, Bravo fans took to social media to call out Mary’s friend and fellow cast member Meredith Marks For not intervening. 

“Meredith has stopped listening to Jennie’s genuine plea regarding derogatory terminology, even though she had been complaining about the women being insensitive all season. [her son] Brooks‘s sexuality is a terrible look #rhoslc,” one viewer tweeted