Mary’s costars discuss rumors that she might be running a religious cult.

She broke down last week while talking to her costars on the episode of Dec. 5. Lisa Barlow The cast compared the accusations against Jen and her pastor role to Jen’s legal troubles. In March, the latter star was arrested for allegedly running a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme.

“It’s not fair to put me with someone so…like, when I think about Jen, I see a heartless…I see a thug,” Mary told Lisa. Lisa. “To pit me with that?”

Fans quickly took to Twitter to criticize Mary’s choice of words. One user wrote“Mary’s derogatory remarks on #RHOSLC last night are unjustifiable,”

Not Mary, she doesn’t say that Jen makes her think of Jen. She thinks about a thug similar to the mexicans! Another person tweetedWith fan account Queens of BravoAdds, “As much I enjoyed last night’s iconic episode. I enjoyed #RHOSLC but my enjoyment was cut short when Mary said Jen looked like a thug and compared her to Mexicans who make all the drugs. Heather also fat-shaming Heather. It was extremely disappointing.