It turns out that crystal is actually quite beautiful. It hasSeeked professional assistance. On the interview, she stated: “I’ve had treatment in my past.” RHOBH Aftershow. “I have spoken to people before, but I am currently talking to somebody.” It is an ongoing conversation.”

And even though some fans are upset with Erika, Crystal is choosing to give her the benefit of the doubt, explaining, “Even someone like Erika, who’s very choice in her manners, her words, and stuff like that, there are some topics that can feel awkward for people, and I think that this was one of them.”

That’s not to say she condones Erika’s comments—especially the laxatives one. Crystal said that Crystal thought it was more distressing that Erika is saying such things and that she didn’t realize that they could hurtful. It could have been very bad for me if that had been an issue that I had with.