The Real Housewives of Beverly HillIn 2021, the first Asian cast member made an unqualified splash.

No one is more grateful than the people who show it. RHOBH“s” Crystal Kung Minkoff herself following news of the show’s Reality TV Show of 2021 nomination at this year’s People’s Choice Awards.

“It’s so beyond flattering and it’s so funny because we have a group text with all of the girls on the show and everyone is saying congratulations and I said, ‘Obviously it was my leather pants that got the nomination so you’re all welcome,'” the mother of two jokingly during an exclusive chat with CelebHomes News at a screening of Julia presented by IHG Hotels & Resorts at The Eveleigh on Nov. 9.

Whether it was the leather pants or not, the reality star opened up about the relatability of the show and how it resonates with fans at home. Minkoff shared her thoughts on Minkoff’s latest season’s success, stating that “I believe there’s an aspect of conflict resolution with women which everyone can sort-of relate to,”