Renée ZellwegerThis is proof that even crazy makeovers can be done with time. 

When the trailer for NBC’s limited series Pam: The Truth About Pam was released, fans were stunned by the two-time Academy Award winner’s transformation into convicted murderer Pam Hupp. CelebHomes News interviewed her. Daily Pop on the series’ red carpet, Zellweger discussed the arduous process of putting the whole look together. 

“We started around four [hours]”We whittled down it to about two,” she stated. You know what? If everybody cooperates —the cheeks are feeling like playing nice, the nose, and everything. However, the process took only a couple hours.

For the role, Zellweger donned a body suit, prosthetics and a classic bob wig to embody Hupp, whose case and profile rose to prominence with a DatelineEpisode a podcast corresponding also known as Pam: The Truth About Pam.

The experience was a fascinating one for Zellweger, who called her transformation “thrilling.”

She explained that she had never tried it before. It was great to discover more about the process. The prosthetics are a different way of telling stories and acting with them on. “I didn’t realize it was a skill I didn’t possess.”

We think the A-lister may have forgotten all about her amazing transformations. Bridget JonesMovies and Judy