Grey’s AnatomyA new resident has been added to the company’s roster. 

Adelaide KaneKnown for The CW’s programming. RuleCBS Television Station SEAL Team, will play first-year medical student Jules Millin on the upcoming 19th season of the ABC medical drama, according to Deadline.

According to Jules, she was raised by hippies/drug addicts and eventually became the only adult in her family. “Because she always had to take care of herself and her parents, she can be a little bossy—but her heart is always in the right place. When she has to, she doesn’t hesitate to go against the grain to save lives. Sometimes that gets her into trouble.

Breaking rules? What can be done to save lives? Are you in danger? Sounds like she’ll fit right in.

This actress is fourth in a series. Grey’s addition in the last week, which makes sense because the May 26 season finale found Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital ordered to dissolve its teaching program and start from scratch.