According to the eyes Shania TwainMom is her most cherished title. 

The brand new documentary was released by Netflix on July 26th. This is not just for girls. which details the singer’s journey to becoming nicknamed the “Queen of Country Pop.” The film sheds light also on Shania’s motherhood. Eja LangeNow 20. 

Shania had reached the peak of her musical career after her albums were released. Get ready to go Me and the Woman Within2001 saw the birth of her first child, with her ex-husband. Robert Lange, “Mutt”, changed the priorities in her life.

Shania explained in the doc that “I didn’t want to be a mom who was distracted or absent from my career.” Shania said, “Career cannot be prioritized over my child.”

When the opportunity came to record another album, Shania said she would take advantage of any free time to make music, including the hours after her son went to bed at night. She said, “I would get into the studio to do vocals.” He would sleep for about four hours, and I’d be there the rest of my life.