Diane KeatonInadvertently, the celebration of Male Beauty was included in Reese Witherspoon son!

On Nov. 8, the Oscar-winning actress posted an amusing video to Instagram rating various celebrity men. Diane offered her opinion on which men are the most easy-to-see as the pictures were displayed. However, there was a mix-up with the first photo—and Reese had to politely correct DianeThis is the result. .

Beauty is a conversation. Leonardo DiCaprioI’m sorry. Take a deep breath. “I knew him as a child,” she said to the actress at 75. She showed a photo of a young man in a hoodie, giving the camera an eerie look. This hilarious twist of events revealed that the man was not a young Leo.

Reese actually did the actual work. Ryan PhillippeSon 18 years old Deacon 

The Big Little LiesStar was great at taking to the comments, and she gave Diane a friendly heads-up, along with an emoji heart eye, saying, “Diane. The first one is mine.” Reese made a comment and Diane responded by sending three blushing emojis.