Prince GeorgeCan be officially described as a small, lionhearted child.
British TV Star and adventurer Bear GryllsThe moment that the oldest son was born, was recalled. Prince WilliamAnd Kate MiddletonIn August 2019, he popped an ant live in his mouth.
This courageous moment occurred during the King’s Cup Regatta, the inaugural sailing event hosted at the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge. The 6-year-old’s grandmother was then present. Carole MiddletonThe invited Man vs. WildLook up to see the prince. hugeFan. And although Bear went on to explain that he didn’t “really mean” to encourage George to eat an ant that day, the opportunity present itself and well—he went for it.

Bear recalls, “So we were talking, and he went down here and just as we were speaking, a stream ant-like thing happened to his feet,” Bear said during the November 9 episode. Good Morning Britain” “And him and me looked at them—he looked at me with those amazed wide eyes—and I said, ‘Come on, we’ve got to eat one.’ He said “Oh, really?” And we all ate.”