Reese WitherspoonThis is the latest in a series of TV projects that resembles another iconic show.

It’s hot off the release The Crawdads sing Wherever the Crawdads AreWitherspoon will be returning to the chair of executive producer for Apple TV+. Surface. CelebHomes News is your exclusive source for all things related to the show. Daily PopThe actress said that her thriller, set in San Francisco, shares many similarities to HBO’s. Big Little Lies.

It has this kind of Big Little LiesWitherspoon described the feeling of being in a rich, prosperous world. But there’s darkness beneath.” Daily PopAt the SurfacePremiere on July 26,

The two-season HBO drama, however, was centered on a group women living in Monterey. SurfaceFollow the story of Gugu Mbatha–RawSophie (a woman who tries to put her life together again after an accident that causes memory loss)

Witherspoon said, “As the show unravels you realize that she’s actually not who she says she is and her husband isn’t who he claims he to be.” “And she has another character who’s like, ‘I gotta tell ya the truth about my life.’”