Gaten Matarazzo, Stranger Things’ Director of Productions, Reacts To Dustin Vs. Mr. Wheeler

Forget the upside down—this one is pretty straight forward: Princess DiariesThank you for your support! Heather MatarazzoIs NotRelated to Stranger Thingsstar Gaten Matarazzo.
Due to the actors having the same last name—and making a name for themselves in the same industry, of course—fans have naturally wondered if the two were related. Gaten’s mother is, coincidentally, also named. Heather Matarazzo, so the assumption is not truly all that far-fetched.
Heather shared a TikTok on July 26 that clarified this. As he searched for the stars, a user asked if her video could be stitched to another. The actress just shook her head and said, “Why is no one talking about this?” Heather wrote in her caption, “I love #gatenmatarazzo, but he IS NOT my son.”
Fans couldn’t believe the possibility of a connection between Dustin Henderson and Lilly Moscovitz after the actress posted it.