Matthew found the response of his star co-star “Nice call!” to be very impressive. It’s not hard to see why, when you think about it. His answer. Answer: Man on the MoonHe said “Yes,” in reference to the 1991 movie that Reese, at age 14, starred. 

Reese’s eyes widened at the informal crush confession from her long-time buddy. “What?” After asking her, she shouted “What?”

Matthew said that she was one his early, early crushes as a child. “If you have seen the movie you will see. [it’s] inevitable. It’s impossible not to feel a crush. 

His co-star appeared very flattered by his comments, calling him “sweet” before inspiration struck, adding, “Now we just have to make a movie about it!”  

The idea was so strong that the pals started to talk over each other. Matthew stated that The First Celebrity Crush would be a “good title” for the film and that it would star “the three of us:” Matthew, Reese, and Val.

Reese chimed in, “It’s a triangle!” 

Matthew said, “Oh my goodness,” about Matthew’s movie pitch. Something has to move. When you have nothing to lose, something will happen. Uh, count us in for opening weekend.