Tristan ThompsonRecent social media posts have fans buzzing.

The Chicago Bulls player shared a cryptic message about growth on Instagram May 25. The post stated, “Growth demands that we leave something behind.” You can leave behind habits, career, beliefs, or people. Allow for the possibility of loss in your journey to growth. To make way for the new you, it is necessary to grieve your past.

However, his post hasn’t been the only one to recently draw attention. His May 23 ex Khloe KardashianRe-shared an @relationship_quotes post that included a photo from a Google Search for “can’t you ever give up on someone?”

You can’t stop loving, the message stated. It is impossible to love another person if they aren’t truly loved. It is rare to find someone you love more than your current partner. Your old love may not be as strong at that point, but it’s a heart that will never forget what made you smile.