The Smell of Rain is his obsession

“I like the smell of rain because it reminds me of multiple places,” Regé-Jean shared with InStyle. It rains all over, but the rains are different. Rain in London smells like people warming up on the bus, but it isn’t people who are on the tube. New York’s rain smell is multifaceted. The smell of rain is also very rare in California.

What he does with cities to build character

When it comes to his acting roles, Regé-Jean often takes the locations into account while filming.

“The environments in which we work, in which those characters live, particularly if you’re shooting on location, can be very evocative,” he told the outlet. “I remember the scent of lots of Baton Rouge. [where Roots filmed]”Above all weather.”

Regé-Jean Page Is Drawn to People Who Are Comfortable and Confident

As the new face of Armani’s Code Parfum, Regé-Jean was asked if there is a certain scent he likes on others. He shared that a specific smell doesn’t come to mind, but when it comes to being confident in your skin, Regé-Jean can smell it.

He said, “It’s a little like when someone is comfortable in their clothing.” I think it is when someone feels at ease in this fragrance and around other people. This is a rather abstract notion, but it gives me a certain feeling when someone feels comfortable with a particular scent.