Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris‘ will face some strict rules once he is released from behind bars.

After the first Cheer star was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for his sex crimes in his child pornography case, the terms of his court-supervised release have been laid out.

According to CelebHomes News’ July 12 judgment, Harris (22 years old) must be registered as a sexual offender after he has completed his sentence. He will then begin eight years of supervision. According to CelebHomes News’ July 12 judgment, Harris must register as a sexoffender after he is released from prison. This could involve psychological or physiological testing.

According to the court documents, he must also undergo a mental-health program and receive any prescribed medication by the provider.

In addition to these terms, Harris is forbidden from coming into contact with the minors involved in his case and cannot possess a firearm. 

The former Netflix star was arrested in Chicago in September 2020 on one count of producing child pornography. Prosecutors allege that Harris repeatedly solicited child pornography videos and images from his twin brothers who were fourteen at the time. Harris also attempted twice to have sexual encounters at 2019 cheer events.