Are you a bad lover? 

In a tweet from a while back, it was “No”. HalseyThey “have terrible taste” in men, they wrote. Alev Aydin. During discussion of the movie, this topic was brought up. BatmanIn which Robert PattisonBruce Wayne plays Halsey. Halsey calls out radio host Roman KempThey argued about their disagreements regarding the DC Comics actor who plays the character.    

“Hey @romankemp! Have you heard your thoughts about battinson yet?” They tweeted. “I didn’t forget….”

The star of “Without Me”, then explainedRoman said that he had “fought me literally years” over Battinson’s quality and that he now likes him. He also noted, “I have never switched up.” This is Christmas for me.”

Roman then wroteRobert and Halsey were owed an apology by him, laughing that they would “have to find another topic to debate next time.” Another follower then inquired about Halsey’s thoughts. Paul DannoPlaying The Riddler.

“Confirmed to me that my taste is terrible in men,” said the artist. repliedLater, he added, “Alev exempt.”